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Wool Up North

Federica Mudu is the indie dyer behind Wool Up North. This Italian lady now living in Norway has her own colour palette, full of joy and the sun from her beloved country of origin.

I was lucky enough to come across this sweet person some time ago and I enjoy her chats about anything that crosses our minds at a certain moment, from cooking to knitting, of course, always some yarn or knitting is involved!!

How did you start dying yarn?I fell madly in love with hand dyed yarn while I was pregnant with my younger about three years ago, I started to look into how it was made and me and my oldest boy (who was about 3 years old at that time) started playing in the kitchen with edible pigments. It was lots of fun, and lots of crazy colours. I experimented a lot with botanical dyes and professional acid pigments after that for about one year before opening my own little Etsy shop.

Do you have a chemical background? Yes, I do. I have a PhD in inorganic chemistry, and a master degree in p…

September yarn review

Yarn, yarn, yarn, it is all about yarn. Colours, textures, feelings. Knitting is an adult game, where instead of using colour pencils we use gorgeous yarns to draw our dreams.
So the first thing you have to do is GO SHOPPING! 
If you are as crazy as I am, you are likely to have set your alarm clock not to miss a yarn update from your fav indie dyer. But that is not always necessary and sometimes you can make a relax purchase, not as often as I would like to, though. 
Through my yarn reviews, I shall try to show you different sites where to buy your yarn and have a smart experience, giving you some tips to help you going through those crazy updates!!
Today we are going to get to know to fully opposite experiences, from a crazy one to a much more relaxing one.
Grab a beverage and enjoy!!
This site based in The Netherlands offers amazing yarn only available for those with very fast fingers, since skeins disappear in a few minutes.

They offer different yarn base…