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¡Con mis mejores deseos para 2018!

Espero que estéis pasando unas felices fiestas , con algo de tiempo para vuestras agujas. Supongo que os sorprenderá leerme en castellano. Desde agosto pasado, este blog me ha dado muchas alegrías, aunque también algunos dolores de cabeza, pero eso ahora no viene al caso. La cuestión es que nunca imaginé que mi loco plan de entrevistas iba a tener tanto éxito y estoy muy contenta con todo lo conseguido. 
En un primer momento, escribir en inglés era lo que tenía más sentido para mi y me alegra comprobar que ninguno me habéis abandonado en todo este tiempo, pese a que muchos no domináis dicho idioma.
Así las cosas, tras una pequeña encuesta y tras revisar las estadísticas, tengo que admitir que la mitad de los que me seguís sois de hispano parlantes, por lo que os merecéis poder leerme en castellano. Esto va a suponer un esfuerzo notable por mi parte, por lo que tendré que reducir el número de publicaciones mensuales. 
En  consecuencia, a partir de ahora, habrá dos publicaciones, una e…

Best wishes for 2018!

I hope you are enjoying these holidays, finding some time for your knitting projects.
Since I renewed this blog and started the knitting posts last August, I have had quite a lot of nice experiences (also some disappointing ones, but who cares now?). I never expected my interview plan to be accepted and to be so successful and I am really happy with the result so far. 
However, I have seen that I have a great number of Spanish speaking readers, who have been struggling with English posts and they deserve more attention from my side. Therefore, I have decided to post both in English and in Spanish. As a consequence, I shall hit twice at your mail box and you may read the post that better suits you. This also means that I shall reduce the number of posts per month. 
Although both posts shall have the same core information, they will not be identical, since they way of writing in each language differs quite a lot and direct translations sound weird. 
But now let´s move to the exciting n…

Kaia Diseño

The post that I bring to you today is very special for me. Laura was the first person who agreed to be interviewed for this blog. It was August and I had just had the idea and shared it with her. I had no idea of the structure, the questions or the timeline, but she said YES! And in a couple of days she sent me a lot of beautiful photos and a completely written interview!

Laura did not have any questions, nor a guideline, therefore, what you are going to read today are simply her words. So, I have decided to publish this interview in its original language (Spanish) and translated by me into English. I really believe that those of you who can read Spanish will enjoy their original words (with minimal editing on my part). For that reason, there will be two separate publications, one in each language!

I hope you enjoy it.

My name is Maria Laura Rodríguez Marcos and, as it is very long, my nickname is Laura Marcos. I am from Argentina, and I was born 47 years ago.

Being 6, my moth…